Sewing Freedom – A Story of Women’s Empowerment

Forty women had enrolled in a six month sewing training program with uncertain hopes of learning a new technical skill that could potentially lead to job opportunities.The women were nervous, excited. Daunted by the six months ahead. Not many of the women had previously completed any formal training. Seven of them are illiterate. Only fourContinue reading “Sewing Freedom – A Story of Women’s Empowerment”

Testing Times

“Mskin” – a word in Darija language commonly used to describe sorrow or sympathy for someone. People are constantly calling me “Mskina”. Moroccan – “You live by yourself?” Me – “Yes.” Moroccan – “Aww mskina” Moroccan – “Do you miss your parents?” Me – “Yes.” Moroccan – “Aww mskina” Moroccan – “Do you know howContinue reading “Testing Times”

Your Guide on How to Stay Sane In Peace Corps Morocco

I don’t know if you know this, but Peace Corps is hard, like kinda really hard. I know, I know you’re probably thinking “WHAAAAAAAAT, but Audrey makes it look so easy and fun!!” Which, don’t get me wrong, all in all I am very, very happy here, but I still have those days. Those daysContinue reading “Your Guide on How to Stay Sane In Peace Corps Morocco”

Let’s Get Down To Business

Most Peace Corps volunteers will tell you that in the first couple of months at your post you don’t really do a whole lot. Heck, even during your first year. Usually the first couple of months and year is really focused on integrating into the community and making as many connections as possible. Here inContinue reading “Let’s Get Down To Business”

All You Need Is Love And A Big Fat Moroccan Family

It was a cold and rainy day when I arrived at my final site. And I’m not just saying that so it sounds like a cool introduction. It really was pouring rain and freezing out. Perfect weather for traveling with 2 huge bags. Two other volunteers and I, with the help of a veteran volunteer,Continue reading “All You Need Is Love And A Big Fat Moroccan Family”