What The Heck Is Audrey Doing In Morocco???


Q & A

Q: Where will Audrey be posted?

  1. Desert  

  2. Mountains

  3. Coast

  4. She may not know until December  

Q: What project will she be going?

A: Youth Development at Dar Chabab (Youth Center) and or Nedi Neswi (Women’s Center) with a focus on

  1. Health

  2. Recreation

  3. Teaching English

  4. Art

  5. Empowering Girls

  6. Any of the above

Q: How long will she be gone?

A: If all goes well, until January 2020. Yeah you read that right… 2 and half years!

Q: Can I come visit?  


Q: How can I communicate with her?

A: What’sApp, Facetime, Skype, Facebook, email, handwritten letter, or just ask my parents


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